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Tapiz Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Like wine, olive oil is an essential complement to the lovers of haute cuisine. In Tapiz, we understand how important is to have top quality products and therefore we strive to achieve excellence in everything we offer to our customers. Worked from olives harvested by hand at the peak of ripeness, Tapiz olive oil stands out for its flavour, nutritional and therapeutic properties.

For the elaboration of this Extra Virgin olive oil, Tapiz combines the fruits of olive groves of over 80 years of age of Arauco, Arbequina and Frantoio varieties in a two-phase continuous system Italian machine. Throughout the production process, a team of specialists thoroughly control different stages of process, taking care to preserve its strengths and enhance its organoleptic characteristics.

ACEITE TAPIZ - (+54 261) 4963433

Pedro Molina s/n - Ruta 60 Km 2.5 - Russell
Maipú - Mendoza, ARG